7cad Polyline Area

This app reads your drawing, finds and pairs 2 types of object:

1st: Polyline to calculate area or length. Circle is also supported

2nd: Tag block: contains attributes to show polyline area value. If a tag block is placed inside a polyline, they are a pair.

In case your want to pair a tag block that are not placed inside a polyline, you should use a leader to connect them, as seen in above screenshot.

Then, it populates all polylines's area values to specified attributes in their paired tag blocks.

To streamline the workflow, firstly, you have to set up your drawing properly.

+ Polylines should be on spefic layers.

+ You have to create Tag blocks to with attributes to store polyline's area values

+ Tag block should be place inside polyline, or if outside, need a leader. Leader should be placed in spefic layer

Once everything are set up, you can start upsing this 7cad Polyline Area Online app: Upload your drawing, fill all relevant fields in the input form, then click Summit.

Finally, sit back waiting for the result drawing to be returned soon in about a minute. Enjoy!

Tag Block Name:

Leader Layer Name:

7cad Polyline Area support to show area values of up to two polylines on one tag blocks. Your tag block needs to have a second attribute to show area value of the second polyline:

Attribute 1:

Polyline 1 Layer:

Length Factor:


Attribute 2:

Polyline 2 Layer:

Length Factor: