General Usage Instructions

The app has 3 commands:


Tag block name can be one block name, or many block names, separate by comma. So as inputs for leader's layer and polyline's layer.

Each Tag block can have 2 attributes associated with 2 polylines in 2 different layers.

For each attribute, you can specify length factor and suffix to customize the display value. There are also option to show Length of polyline on attribute instead of Area.


You can easily understand the command's routine by seeing screenshot "How it works" below. Select polylines, and all associated tag blocks will have their attributes updated.

If you enable runtime update in Setup Window, then once you run Stretch command on specific polylines, their areas values will changed and updated to tag blocks automatically.

Note: your drawing can be edited by other user who doesn't have 7cad Polyline Area software. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that tag blocks always have updated values. Therefore, remember always run 7cadPlineArea command to update tag blocks before publish your drawing.


+ As seen in screenshot "Review command", by clicking the arrow buttons, this command will loop through the collection of last run objects, highlight them so that you can see their area or length properties in AutoCAD Properties Panel.

+ Check those area and length values with your tag block attributes to see if 7cadPlineArea and 7cadPlineSetup command have been run properly.

+ After each run of 7cadPlineArea, tag block's attributes are exported to a text file in temp folder. From 7cad Pline Area Review window, you can open that text file and save those data to other relevant place.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Select polylines. The app will find associated tag block of each polyline, then populate the polyline's area (or length) to block's attributes.


+ Specify Tag Block's name, Leader layer names, attribute tags and polyline layer names.

+ Enable run time update when polylines are changed by Stretch command.

+ Specify length factor and suffix to customize the display value of area (or length).


+ Loop through the collection of last run objects.

+ Open AutoCAD Properties Panel to look up area (or length) value, then check it with attributes values.

+ Show exported text data of attributes in tag blocks from previous 7cadPlineArea run.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Initial public release.