General Usage Instructions

The Workflow is:

+ Run command "Open Blocks and/or Drawings", then select blocks from the block list or on screen. You can also select drawing files, as scenario (2) mentioned above.

+ Click OK and specify an insertion point. Then, your blocks and/or drawings will be placed in green frames called "editors".

+ In the editor, source block is exploded to native drawing objects. You can edit it normally using AutoCAD tools. Note that, keep your change within the green frame "editor". If it is out of space, move the editor and its content to a wider space and extent its dynamic length and height.

+ Run command "Save Blocks and/or Drawings": select editors, the Save Blocks window brings up. Specify your saving options, then click OK. Blocks and Drawings in the selected editors will be saved and updated.

See video screenshots below for more: open blocks.gif, save changes.gif, open files.gif

Additional commands from the palette to help working with blocks easier:

+ Change Block Units: select blocks and change their block units, allow exploding property, and/or convert them from dynamic blocks to normal static blocks.

+ Explode "Non Allow Exploding" Blocks: sometime you want to explode some blocks but get stuck because it is not allowed. Then you can try this handy command.


Version History

Version Number Version Description


Initial public release.