General Usage Instructions

Nice command I made since I was a draftman. With some little upgrade, now it is available to everyone.

Call "ARB" command, which stands for "ArrayRebar". Then the app will ask you select a LINE, or a POLYLINE, or an ARC. (Rarely happen but an ARC is fine)

Then the app ask you for the distribution code. You can type:

+ Just a number, like, "12", enter. The app will draw 12 rebar dots. Rebar size is taken as half of the current dimension text size.

(Note that dimension text size is a good reference for me to draw every annotative objects.)

+ You can enter "12F20" for the distribution code. Then the app will draw 12 rebar dots. But remember since rebar dot is assumed annotative object, its size is still half the current dimension text size. The only different here is rebar dot is offset away from the selected line or polyline a distance. This distance is equal to the radius of rebar size.

+ You can enter pitch "F16@150" or just "@150", and rebar dots will be drawn at 150 pitch, center to center.

+ Press "Tab" key to toggle the rebar dots position to top or bottom.

+ Finally, hit Enter to end the command


Version History

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First public release.