General Usage Instructions

The 7cad Palette is an editor for you to write instructive document for AutoCAD. You can save the content to a file with ".lpa" extension, called LPalette document.

Each LPalette document contains many cells, stacking up in a column. There are 4 types of cells:

  • 1. Title Cell with large font text
  • 2. Link Text Cell: this is the featured cell for writing notes with hyperlinks. The hyperlink can perform many types of action: open a file; open a folder; open a web site; run an Auto Lisp code; run an AutoCAD script;

    To edit the action: open Edit Menu, click Edit hyperlink. The Edit Link's Action window will bring up.

    Tip: you can right click to the hyperlink to open the Edit window, for a normal left click is follow the link.

  • 3. Lisp Cell: you can write AutoLisp code to this cell. Then, click Run to run the the lisp.

    Tip: To run just a piece of code within the cell, select its text, then click Run!

  • 4. Image Cell: Copy an image to clipboard then you can run Paste (Ctrl+P) the image to this cell. It allows small size image only. If the pasted image is too large, it will be resized down.

    Tip: Use shortcut Shift+Window+S to run windows snipping tool to take screenshot image directly to clipboard. Then, back to 7cad Instructive Palette, select an Image Cell, run Paste.

7cad Instructive Palette provides many handy tools to edit the LPalette document. Right click to the palette, or click Edit Menu button for the Edit Menu to show up. Then, you can see tool to insert new cell, tool to split an existing cell in to two, tools to move cell up and down, etc. Optionally, a cell can also have a tickbox, or can be decorated with an icon.

Most of the editing tools can be accessed via keyboard or mouse shortcuts.

  • When typing in a link cell, you can press Ctrl+H to insert or edit a link at the cursor position. Press Ctrl Enter then the current cell is splitted and you will be typing on a new cell. Use back, forth, up, down arrow keys, you can go up and down within cell or from cell to cell.
  • At the end of a link cell or lisp cell, press delete key and if the below cell is also a link cell or a lisp cell, then the two cells will be merged.
  • At the top of a link cell or lisp cell, press back space key and if the above cell is also a link cell or a lisp cell, then the two cells will be merged.
  • To undo and redo editing actions, you can press Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y, respectively.

Tip: Click to Quick Access button (the button in the middle of the Back and Next) and open sample lpa documents. There are many sample cells and sample links for demonstration. Click to a link to see the action it performs. Right click to see the content of each link.


Version History

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