General Usage Instructions

This is a collection of 3 special polyline commands:

(see commands in action in screenshots)


Select 2D polylines, or 3D polylines. Then the app will draw dimension length on each segment of each polyline.


Select a polyline, or a circle, and this command will move the polyline or circle and everything inside it to a new specified position.

You can also select many polylines and/or circles. Then everything inside will be moved and put in a tabulate order.


You have polyline with fillet corners. Then, you want to modify it using STRETCH command. But in many cases, after stretching, the fillet corners will be lost. This command will help by performing STRETCH command on polylines while trying to keep all the fillet corners.

Contact linh@7cad-programming to buy a license for the app to runs in full functionality.



The app has a setup command names 7cadPolylineSetup. Run the command and a window brings up. On this window, you can restrict a command to work with polyline in specific layer. You can also see the app's license status. If not yet, you can activate the license following on-screen instructions.


If you change the layer filter to "Road*", then when DIMPLINES runs, it will select polylines, 3d polylines in layer names start with "Road".


If you change the layer filter to "CLIP*", then when MOVEPLINES runs, it will select polylines and/or circles in layer names start with "Clip".


This command is a little different. The layer filter doesn't affect the command directly. It is only when you want the STRETCHFILLETPLINES command embedded directly inside AutoCAD built-in STRETCH command but restrict it to work on polylines in specific layers. For example, if you change the layer filter to "REBAR*", and run STRETCH command, many polylines can be stretched. But only if it is a polyline is in layer names "REBAR TOP" or "REBAR BOT", then the app will try to keep all its fillet corners.


If you purchase or start a trial period of the app via Autodesk Store, then the app will run without any restriction.

Otherwise, without a license, the app is for testing purpose only. It allows you to run all commands 50 times in each AutoCAD session. To test more, you got to restart AutoCAD.

Contact us if you want further advance customization of the app.


Setup Window

MovePlines command


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