For linear parameter, it is assumed horizontal. The app can't automatically detect its angle. Therefore, if the linear parameter is not horizontal, some manual setup should be taken in the BlockEditor (BEDIT command) as following:

+ If the linear parameter is rotated 60 degrees counter clockwise, its description should be "60".

+ If it is rotated 60 degrees clockwise, its description should be "-60".


It is not supported if the linear parameter is rotated dynamically via another parameter's action.

The app might not work as expected if you have many chained action parameters.

In both above cases, a custom programming solution is required


The limitations of the trial are:

1. non-commercial use.

2. 50 runs per each AutoCAD session.

Contact linh@7cad-programming to buy a license for the app to runs in full functionality.


General Usage Instructions

1. 7cadDynamicBlockSetup command

If enabled, the STRETCH command will work with dynamic blocks as shown in screenshots.

For linear parameter, there are 2 options of stretching as described in "Linear stretching options" screenshot.

2. SD command (StretchDynamic)

You can use the native Stretch command, no modification, parallel with this SD command which have the app's feature embedded. To get there, run the above setup command and disable the app's interference. Then you got the native STRETCH command works as normal. Whenever you want to stretch objects including dynamic blocks, run this SD command.


Setup Window

XY parameters

Rebar blocks with linear parameters

Linear stretch options

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Initial release.