There is no autopublish command in the AutoCAD Core Engine over Forge. This app will help you do it. 7cad Forge PDF will autopublish all drawings in the whole folder.


1. Select a folder of drawings to publish. If there is a sheet set dst file, the sheet set will be read and published. If there is no sheet set, all drawings in the folder and its subfolders will be published.

2. Select or type in a plotter name. Make sure the plotter must be a valid plotter in the AutoCAD Forge server.

3. If it is plotting to PDF, you have options to merge pdf files to one multi-page pdf file.

4. Publishing used to come with custom files (pc3, pmp, xref, image, font files). You can put all those files in a folder and click the [Custom-Files] button to upload it to Forge

5. Finally, click Run and check the Result tab.


This app uses a custom installer.

You must create and log in into your own Forge App to use the app in full functionality. See HOW IT WORK to get to know more about the terms.