Hello, World

My name is Linh, Pham Vu Hong Linh, a freelancer.
I am living with my wife and my son in Hanoi city and Cat Ba island, Vietnam.
I am a supporter of the struggling democracy movement in my country.

I have great expertise in creating add-ins for AutoCAD. Since 2014, I've been creating 200+ apps for customers in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. Programming languages that I support are AutoLisp, .NET, VBA and the Forge technology.
My background is a structural engineering draftsperson. So, my apps are always drafting automation oriented, not kind of Window dialogs stuffs. It means, my apps get the most input out from your CAD drawing, and return the most output as CAD drawing.
If you are looking for an AutoCAD developer, feel free to contact me at linh@7cad-programming.com or over Upwork

My page on Upwork
My page on Autodesk App Store

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