Hello, World

My name is Linh, Pham Vu Hong. I am a CAD developer.
I am living with my wife and my son in Hanoi city and Cat Ba island, Vietnam.
I am a supporter of the struggling democracy movement in my country.

I have great expertise in creating add-ins for AutoCAD. Since 2014, I've been creating 200+ apps for customers in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. Programming languages that I support are AutoLisp, .NET, VBA and the Forge technology.
My background is a structural engineering draftsperson. So, my apps are always drafting automation oriented, not kind of Window dialogs stuffs. It means, my apps get the most input out from your CAD drawing, and return the most output as CAD drawing.
If you are looking for an AutoCAD custom programming service, feel free to contact me at linh@7cad-programming.com or over Upwork

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2024 June 15: 7cad Polyline Area Online web app is available
Full Model

2024 June 11: 7cad Polyline Area: Populate polylines areas to attributes in blocks.

2024 April 11: 7cad BatchEditBlockInplace: a new way to edit blocks.

2023 December 01: 7cad Window Frame is now available on Autodesk App Store
Full Model

2023 November 01: 7cad Array Rebar is now available on AutoCAD Store

2023 August 30: After months swamped with 3 custom programming projects, now I can enjoy release a small app free to the public: 7cad Array Rebar.

2023 March 30: Update of my 7cad apps for the newly released Autodesk AutoCAD 2024. In the list, 3D Cutter app has a special uprade to work with wider range of custom wood section.

2023 March 25: 3D Handrail Modeling Online app in demonstration. This interesting app is an extraction from a much bigger app. With this app, you can have a BOM table for your handrail, with detail dimensions of handrail pipe and bent pipe fitting.
Full Model

2023 February 13: 7cad Dynamic Block version 3.0.0 is published. A new algorithm is created helps to resolve a wider range of dynamic blocks, automatically. The old manual setup process is dropped off.

2023 February 13: 7cad Polyline version 2.0.0 is published. New FILLETPLINES is introduced to fillet 3D Polyline, and even extrude it to 3D pipes!

2023 January 19: BatchFixScribes web app is available over Autodesk Store. My first try to publish an app of this kind.

2022 November 16: A new location and new looks for all of my AutoCAD Forge Web Apps

2022 November 14: A web app for 7cad TitleBlock2Layout where you can upload your drawing, run the command, then download the result.

2022 October 17: New "architecture" for an automation app. See how designs are generated automatically via AutoCAD Forge.

2022 October: 7cad Dynamic Block version 2.0 is now published at Autodesk Apps Store

2022 October: 7cad Titleblock2Layout, available at Autodesk Apps Store

2022 July: 7cad 3D Cutter, available at Autodesk Apps Store

2022 July: 7cad Dynamic Block - A new version of the app that has a new Setup page and new features to work with wider range of cases (see screenshot video in the download)

2022 June: An app for AutoLisp developer >>> 7cad Lisp2HTML (there are both desktop and web version)

Finally, welcome to my blog on this page: